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Two of our sisters acted as witnesses at the wedding of two dear friends in a special ceremony afrer many delays caused by family difficulties. We celebrated the grace of God with them.

IN conjunction with the parish, the highlight of the year was the celebraton of Corpus Christi. The procession came from Notre Dame Church to fill our chapel with song and praise. Our lay adorers prepared tasty and varied snacks for all.

The whole community joined in Sr. Noreen's joy as she celebrated 60 years of religious life.

This has been a special time of hospitality.We welcomed two sisters from the Philippines, Sr. Maria Fe Magbanua, the Provincial superior and Sr. Maria Catherine Fernandez who were on their way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the House of Pueblo Colo. Sr. Josephine Roney joined them in Pueblo for the celebration which brought together so many long-time friends.

As house guests we have also welcomed two sisters from India and one sister from Nigeria who had come to the parish for Mission Appeals. Once again we were struck by the great needs of so many countries for the basic necessities of life. Our prayer reaches out to them all.


Sisters Marian and Vianney attended the Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes meeting on the theme: Faithful in the In-betwseen." The world is changing so rapidly and religious life with it.. this calls for careful listening to the Lord to discover the paths he is showing us.

From New Zealand, Marie invites us to become visible signs of caring for the Earth which is under such duress.