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Eucharistic Association

Excerpt from the Handbook for the members of the Eucharistic Association:

The Eucharist at the Centre of our life

"The Eucharist shapes our lifestyle as individuals, as family members and as members of society. We want to understand every reality in the light of this sacrament and contribute to the Christian transformation of our present world. We nourish our faith at the Table of the Word of God, particularly through the readings that the liturgy offers each day. Since we are called to witness to a Eucharistic form of living, we become by our entire lives, the "adorers in spirit and truth whom the Father seeks..."

In the prayer of contemplation and the adoration of Christ present in the Eucharist, solemnly exposed, we prolong the grace of the mystery celebrated thereby intensifying our union with Christ so as to become with him and like him bread broken for a new world.

The Liturgy of the Hours spreads the riches of the Eucharistic mystery over the various hours of the day. We share in the prayer of the Church, giving particular importance to Morning and Evening Prayer. Called to be transformed into Christ we intensely live the Liturgical year. This constitutes the context of our journey of faith and provides a Christian orientation for our choices. Thus the saving action of Christ in his mysteries shapes our life and our commitment.

The Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus and of the Church, is the indispensable model of the Eucharistic life. She shared the disciples' life of prayer in the Cenacle and their apostolic journeying in the world. Like her, we let ourselves be guided by the spirit so that, docile to his action we contribute effectively to the coming of the Kingdom. We honor and also invoke her by the title: Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.

Like the disciples of Emmaus, who encountered the Risen Lord and recognised him in the breaking of bread, we accompany all those who are seeking for meaning in their lives and we proclaim Christ, the Word of eternal life."