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Mother Marguerite Guillot,SSS

First Superior of the Servants of the Blessed Sacrament


Place of Birth; Chasselay, France
Date of Birth: December 4, 1815
Baptism: December 6, 1815
Consecrated virginity; October 18, 1830
Vows in the secular Third order of Mary: March 19, 1844
Joined the Servants of the Blessed Sacrament: May 1858
Foundation and Vows: Paris, July 31, 1859
Founded houses: in Angers, & Lyons
Obtained the approval of the Congregation and its Constitutions: 1883 and 1885
Died: July 7, 1885

"Lord Jesus, you give us your spirit of love
Through the eucharistic presence and holy communion.
This love became a center of transformation in the lives of
your servants, Peter Julian Eymard and Marguerite Guillot.

By their lives of love and sacrifice they followed you to the Cross.
Teach us the same gift of self and fulfill in us the words of St. Paul:
" I live, now not I, but Christ lives in me." ( Gal. 2:20)

Mother Marguerite Guillot
Marguerite Guillot was the sixth child of a Lyons tailor. Even at a young age she was always longing for "something more" on her spiritual journey. This desire for spiritual growth led her to work with Father Eymard in developing the Third Order of Mary in Lyons and eventually to establish a work to honor the Holy Eucharist in Paris, the foundation of the Congregation of the Servants of the Blessed Sacrament.

"As to the women, we want to form true adorers for our Eucharistic Lord modeled on Our Lady of the Cenacle. We will assemble all those whom Jesus will choose.. When all is ready we will consult God about the place where he wants his new Cenacle."
       - (St.Peter Julian Eymard)

Mother Marguerite outlived Father Eymard for 17 years. During that time she oversaw the Church's official approval of the Congregation and its constitutions. Under her direction, our first chapel was built in Angers France. These accomplishments were realised in spite of her physical infirmities, eventual blindness and stark poverty.

"May this dear congregation be like a censer whose incense continually rises and descends: rises by the prayer we offer for ourselves and the whole world and which descends upon us with heavenly graces and blessings."
       -(Mother Marguerite Guillot)

At the time of her death, 60 sisters were located in three convents. Her life is a model of love for Christ, of strength and prayer, in the midst of great suffering. Her generous self-sacrifice, fueled the fire of love. "I live now, not I, but Christ lives in me."

"Let your prayer be universal and embrace the whole world."
       - (Mother Marguerite Guillot)