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Encircling the world

We have been in the United States since 1947 and are presently in Waterville, Maine and Pueblo, Colorado. The sisters come from a variety of walks of life and different parts of the country. Here in the United States, this Eucharist-centered life has the following settings.

In Waterville, Maine we maintain a public chapel with the Blessed Sacrament adored continuously by the Sisters and the laity throughout the day. This is a welcome oasis for people who are seeking the Lord in times of joy or distress. In the presence of the risen Lord, they find strength for their lives. Community friends join the sisters in their enthusiasm to communicate the meaning of Eucharist in their lives. Communal celebrations of prayer are held regularly.

In Pueblo, Colorado, the community of sisters together with the laity, maintain continuous adoration in a parish setting. The Eucharistic Association and the Nocturnal Adoration Society involve the laity in Adoration and in the spreading of the Eucharistic fire of love to the surrounding parishes.

In both locations the distribution of altar breads contributes to our self-support.

Around the world:

Courageous women spread the Congregation to many countries around the world from France where we were founded in 1859. They went on to Brazil, Canada, Italy, the USA, Australia, Holland, Philippines, Vietnam and Congo-Brazzaville. Our Central House is now in Sherbrooke, PQ. Canada.

We form an international chain of love, to live and proclaim the Eucharist, Bread Broken for the life of the world. In all our Cenacles throughout the world according to the situation and culture, we center our lives on the Risen Lord and his eucharistic gift of love and presence, seeking to spread that love to others.

Our primary ministry is to maintain the public chapel of adoration, inviting lay people to commit themselves with us to maintain the continuous adoration of the Blessed Sacrament exposed throughout the day. Other Eucharistic works are the distribution of altar breads to the diocese, talks on prayer and Eucharist given to adult and children's groups. All eucharistic works are dear to us and we favor them according to the gifts and talents of the sisters and the needs of the local church.

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